Street Legends

About Street Legends

Street Legends is an initiative of Albert Josebolaji the CEO and Founder of Zadok Films and Television Production Inc. The initiative is the product of countless hours, spent brainstorming and drawing up feasible plans to help solve the problem an upcoming artiste in Africa faces in the contemporary musical clime. The initiative became evidently needed with the glaring bank of upcoming yet talented artistes with amazing songs but lack financial backing to shoot good music videos, afford a manager and even create good promotional material to catch the attention of label heads.
C. E. O of Zadok Films and Television recounts the event that led to the creation of the initiative and what it is all about. “l came upon certain thread on twitter last October that got me thinking: A tweep suggested everyone mention a Nigerian upcoming artist they know on the thread and unsurprisingly the mentions was flooded with the handles of different upcoming artistes. I decided to do a background check on almost all of them, listened to their songs. I was impressed by most and I approached some of them for a music video for the song because I felt the lack of visual content hampered the songs growth. To my greatest surprise majority of the artistes complained of lack of funds, lack of sponsor. It was the same story, at every turn.
I felt the need to do something. The thought of so much talent going unnoticed made me restless and that was what birthed
I told myself that with as much as visual content these artistes will be able to reach a broader audience. I feel strongly about the STREET LEGENDS initiative because I see Legends in these guys. I see global stars whose music have the ability to change the paradigm.
The initiative hopes to give them wings to soar. With free visual content we hope that these artistes whose voice cannot even be heard beyond their street, social media tl and blogs with little visites; will find themselves and their music claiming new territory.
The initiative is helmed by great and creative directors who are passionate about music and committed to creating the best visual translation of music possible.
The STREET LEGENDS is not a halfhearted attempt at shooting music videos. No. it is something we believe in. We believe in you. We believe in your music.
Music is art. Videography is art. We hope to bring about upliftment for the artiste by the marriage of the two art elements.
The STREET LEGENDS is open to all upcoming and unsigned artists in Africa no matter what your genre of music is, be it afro trap rap, hip hop, Fuji, high life, juju, apala, kwaito, house music or even Gospel contemporary music, take this chance and opportunity to get yourself a world class music video from any of our shortlisted world class directors, and you might just be among the next big names to be discovered out of Africa in 2019.


Minimum payable amount NGN 5,000
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